BMW Isetta Badge

Pictures from BMW Zentrum in June of 2004

Type VI V-12 engine blurb
Type VI V-12 engine blower? end
Type VI V-12 engine side view
Type VI V-12 engine long view
R60/5 engine blurb
R60/5 engine
309 engine blurb
309 engine left quarter view
309 engine side view
2002 engine blurb
2002 engine left quarter view
2002 engine left side view
2002 engine right quarter view
502 V8 engine blurb
502 V8 engine left quarter view
Mystery BMW, anyone know what this is?
3.0 CSL blurb
3.0 CSL right quarter view
3.0 CSL lower right quarter view
3.0 CSL front view
Isetta blurb
Isetta right front quarter view
Isetta badge
Z3 in racing trim
Z3 in racing trim front
2002 blurb
2002 front quarter view
2002 side view
319 front quarter view
319 front quarter closeup view
319 rear quarter view
319 interior view
Bike with side car front
Bike with side car rear
Formula 2 blurb
Formula 2 racer
E38 750hl front quarter
E38 750hl engine / blurb
E38 750hl rear quarter
328 blurb
328 front quarter
328 front
328 front roundel
328 dash
328 rear quarter
E39 M5 blurb
E39 M5 front quarter (I WANT THIS CAR!)
E39 M5 front
Z8 blurb
Z8 front
Z8 front low
Z8 front quarter
Z8 side view
Z8 rear
Z8 rear close
Z8 interior
Formula 1?
Toy Trooper
Z4 front quarter
Z4 the other front quarter
Flag wavin' in S.C.
Dixi Ihle blurb
Dixi Ihle front
Dixi Ihle front quarter
Dixi Ihle rear
Dixi Ihle dash
007 Z3 blurb (Sorry, the picture got corrupted.)
507 Roadster blurb
507 Roadster front quarter
507 Roadster front
507 Roadster dash
507 Roadster rear quarter
507 Roadster rear
Z1 blurb
Z1 front quarter
Z1 rear quarter
Z1 dash

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