My Studio:



Just kidding.

If you like Bluegrass, though, these boys are good. See them at The Museum of Appalachia near Norris, TN.


But seriously folks:


From the bottom: Big Muff Pi pedal, Zoom 505 Guitar pedal, Sony dictation machine pedal (converted for drum machine control), old Nikko radio tuner, Hitachi direct drive turntable, Behringer Eurorack MX-2004A mixer, Alesis 3630 compressor (partially hidden by drum machine), TUBEPre preamp, Korg GT-12 tuner, Alesis SR-16 drum machine, JVC 7 disc CD changer, Behringer Virtualizer Pro, Behringer Modulizer Pro, Nikko EQ, Nikko NA-690 power amp, POS cassette deck and AKG K301XTRA headphones.



The n-Track DAW software is run on an old 500MHz AMD K6 home brew PC with 412 MB RAM running Windows 98 SE. Sound card is a Sound Blaster LIVE. The Boston Acoustics A40 “monitor” speakers are way too high. I’ll be building a new mixing desk eventually. They are driven by an old Onkyo TX-11 receiver/amp. (The Realistic EQ is not in use.)




The instruments: Larrivee D09-12 Artist Series 12 string (if only I were an artist), Alverez model 5001 clasical guitar ($5.00 at a yard sale), Yamaha FG-180 6 string (my first guitar bought in 1977), Yamaha PSR-185 “toy” keyboard, Olds Ambassador trombone, Korg SP-100 stage piano




More instruments: Electra Custom, Peavey Foundation Bass, Larrivee Parlor Guitar




My only two mics: Oktava MK-319. There are four old Kenwood speakers with two in each corner (15” bass drivers, sitting right in the room corners, no less. Got bass?).




This was formerly my garage. Note the insulation on the right. This is now a stud wall where the garage door used to be. This will eventually be a 13’ x 14’ dedicated studio room. I hope I can make this size room sound O.K. It shouldn’t be any worse than the office room I’m in right now.